Grand National day is nearly upon us and some poor intern has been given the monumental task of arranging the office sweepstake – I guess that means YOU! Unlucky. However, we're going to do our best to help you out. Below we've included a link to the best 2017 Grand National Sweepstakes Kits available online.

We think the best kit is produced by Paddy Power (link below) but a word of warning! Until the late afternoon of Thursday 8th of April the runners will not finalised. That could mean a couple of the horses listed on the sweepstakes kit won't actually run in the race. Paddy Power have promised to update the kit on Thursday, after the final declarations are made.

Paddy Power Sweepstakes

You can download the Paddy Power sweepstakes kit by clicking the button below.

How It Works

Before you start decide how you will split the winnings – its normal to do something like this…
1st = 60%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 10% and 4th = 5%

  1. Cut out all 40 of the horse’s names from the sheet you've downloaded, fold them up, and put them in an envelope, hat or in that toner box which has left beside the printer for the last two months.
  2. Get £2 from each person who wants to take part or £50 in you work in the City and then ask them to pull out a horse's name at random from the box, hat or envelope.
  3. Make a note of persons name and the horse they pulled out – you can do this on the other sheet you've downloaded. Please note runner’s are subject to change until the date of the race.
  4. After the Grand National is over – 9th April, award the prize money to the player who picked the winning horse!
  5. Why not donate a portion of the prize to charity. The The Injured Jockeys Fund is a great racing charity.